Mounting the iPhone to the Robot

Optional: If the Stretch's wrist seems misaligned (not level), follow this tutorial to correct it.

  1. Joint calibrate the robot with if you have not already.

  2. Place and tighten phone holder onto the Stretch’s Dex Wrist using an allen key.

  3. Fully slide in iPhone (with the camera on the bottom right) until you feel that the robot can't slide in anymore (the camera notch will prevent it from sliding in any further).

  4. Tighten the knob to make the iPhone tight

  5. Adjust the tilt of the iPhone holder to be around 75 degrees (you may find the Precise Level helpful in doing so.

  6. Connect a Lightning to USB-A data streaming cable from the iPhone to the Stretch’s USB port (We like a coiled, 90-degree angled cable the most, you can find them online if you search.)

  7. Open the Record3D app on the iPhone (

  8. Go into "Settings" and select “USB” for "Live RGBD Video Streaming" mode

  9. Go back to "Record" and start recording.

Final setup:

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