Putting Together the Stick

Every great journey begins with a Stick.

Getting a Reacher Grabber

You can buy a reacher grabber online, just be careful to buy the "suction cup" style reacher grabber instead of any other kind. We generally like the Vive brand ones, but this is a simple enough tool that not much can go wrong.

Here are a couple of sample links:

Attaching heat shrink

  1. First, remove the existing suction cup tips from the grabber

Silicone tips


  1. Attach the 2 pieces of the mold together

  2. Stire each compound within its container

  3. Mix together a small amount of each part in equal volume

  4. Pour the mixed silicone compound into each hole in the mold (8 of them)

  5. Wait until the silicone cures, then remove the tips

Making cylindrical tips

Video tutorial:

This is the messiest part of the build; if you are struggling, reach out!

We may have a few extra that we would be happy to mail out to you if you're located at a reasonable distance from us :)

Adding the cylindrical tips onto the grabber


Cylindrical Tips




Video tutorial

Adding the iPhone mount onto the grabber

Video tutorial

Now you've built your Stick!

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