Running the Robot Controller

You will need to run the controller code on the robot so that our policy can communicate with the robot, get the observations, and execute the actions. This step walks you through that.

Code to start the camera stream publisher and robot controller. The code is useful for Record3d-based camera streaming, but can be adapted for other use cases.

Getting Started

  1. Clone repository onto your Hello Robot Stretch:

    git clone
    cd dobb-e/robot-server
  2. Install required packages on your root pip env (where hello_robot package is installed):

    pip install -r requirements.txt


  1. If you just turned on the robot, perform joint calibration on your Stretch by running the following in terminal:

    this only needs to be run once every time the robot is booted up.

  2. In a separate terminal window, Run roscore on your Stretch within the conda/mamba environment home_robot on your Stretch

    mamba activate home_robot
  3. Change current working directory to this repository’s root folder (cd ../robot-server).

  4. Run in terminal (not within the conda environment, but in the root pip environment):


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